Stephen Colbert @ RSA Conference 2014 (Full Audio)

Despite publishing all their other keynotes on YouTube, it’s been five days and the RSA Conference organization hasn’t released the audio or video from their final keynote speaker Stephen Colbert.

A friend of mine passed me this, so here’s the full audio recording from Stephen Colbert’s speech at RSA Conference 2014 (HD) which covers topics like the NSA, Edward Snowden, and the failed responsibilities of the security industry.

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     Stephen Colbert @ RSA Conference 2014 (Full Audio) [SD].mp3
     Stephen Colbert @ RSA Conference 2014 (Full Audio) [HD].mp3

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Nothing About Syria

Me: Why is nothing being done about Syria?
Sr. Bush Administration Official: You know how much oil is there?
Me: Not much?
Sr. Bush Administration Official: Exactly.

The truth is ugly.


The Group That Exposed Bradley Manning

Some time ago I was contacted by a group of pseudo-government contractors (not even sure what to call them) that tried to toy with me. They told me they had cell phones that would be destroyed, that they tapped phone lines for the lulz, and that they had some official government sanctioning. Wrong.

But a weird thing happened: one of the groups members, Adrian Lamo, turned in Bradley Manning after the private admitted to Lamo to being the leaker behind Wikileaks’ “Cable Gate”. I thought I’d pay it forward by leaking all the docs I have on them.


Edit: file links fixed.

The files:

Some background:

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