A Stick for the Stack?

A Stick for the Stack?

I know it’s a cheesy title but a lot of people have asked how they can help Haystack. We’re working on new ways each day that people can chip in just a little to have a big impact. Today I’m thrilled to announce our first public effort: USB thumb drives! Distribution will largely be a person-to-person effort, and we all know USB keys are nice and tiny. I get the tiny 128mb versions all the time at tech conferences, and now I’ve learned they’re actually useful ;-)

So if you’ve got some spare USB keys laying around, why not send them for us to use for Haystack? Just stick them in a regular envelope (or the bubbly kind, just no boxes please) and mail to:

Austin Heap
PO Box 423060
San Francisco, CA 94142

I’ll always post new ways you can help out here, but a “master list” will be kept on Haystack’s donation page.

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